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How to purchase a wide format laminator

Lamination is just about the ideal way to protect your documents from damage. You would need to buy a good and cost effective machine if you need to laminate documents frequently or want set up your unit. Since everyone has different lamination needs the best machine for you would be one that meets all your requirements, however. This buying guide will allow you to select the right laminator for your own benefit. Know more about wide format laminator


An easy to use pouch laminator would be ideal for you if you need to laminate small documents or cards.


For larger documents you may need a wide format laminator. Do make sure that your laminator size is compatible with your average document size, however.


If you need a laminator for thicker sheets, presentations or booklets then a heavy duty model with thermal binding features would work well for you.


You need to make certain that your laminator is easy to use and contains a reverse function (i.e. it allows you to extract struck documents easily). Do compare the warranty period made available from various manufacturers; generally a 90 day warranty period is ideal.


It may be recommended that you buy extra refills of pouches and covers, after you purchase your lamination machine as lots of stores supply you with a discount about the second purchase (if you do buy two products from their store together).


Do just be sure you compare the costs of diverse laminators available for sale, while pouch laminators are usually cheaper, wide format and thermal binder laminators are more expensive.