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Sky Phone: you know how to contact the company?

We live in the internet. The people connected numbers grow worldwide, as well as the urgency to solve problems about products and services. But the phone is still the main means of access to business, at least in time to claim. This includes Sky Phone.


But, in general, the average waiting time increased by over 30% this type of care in 2014, compared to the previous year. It reveals that the research that has already been done for 15 years, testing the Sky phone and other organizations through hidden consumers.




In the survey, are recorded information such as the number of attempts to achieve contact, the waiting time and the training of employees who work in this area.


The results are not encouraging - as many of us prove in practice to dial the phone Sky, among other companies.


Just over 50% attended respecting the given deadline. And in 2013 this percentage was 62% and in 2010 came to an astonishing 90% rate.


Sky Phone: Learn ways to seek care


If you are already a customer and prefers to speak through, say, traditional, Sky Phone is the 106 11. The SAC number for people with disabilities in speech and / or hearing is 0800 701 1200.


Needing answer questions and solve problems, Sky Phones of the above are available every day, 24 hours a day.


If you have not yet acceded to the company's packages in the TV business by subscription, it provides a channel on which the user can fill in a form on the company's website and she calls the person, instead it dial the Sky Phone.


It is the "Sales - Call me." A way to contact the Sky Phone. It works like this: you enter your landline or mobile phone and an expert consultant comes in contact through a live call, free of charge.


As for you who prefer the more usual sales system, Sky's phone in the metropolitan region and is the 4004 2884 (all days, 24 hours), the cost of a local call.


While in other locations, the Sky phone is: (11) 4004 2884, and the cost will depend on the operator that each person uses.


It is worth remembering: Sky of these phones are exclusive channels for sales of new subscriptions.


Review how you can get service via Sky Mobile:


I've subscribed


106 11: Sky phone for Customer Service.

0800 701 1200: Sky SAC phone number for people with special needs (speech and / or hearing).


I am subscriber


4004 2884: Sky's phone in the metropolitan region and, with the cost of a local call.


(11) 4004 2884: Sky phone to other locations. Contact your service provider about the cost of connection.


These are the features offered to you who prefer to use the Sky phone to clarify matters, contract services and resolve difficulties and problems.


Good luck with the Sky phones, and see you soon!