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Why would you Buy a Used Nissan

Call it used, second hand or pre-owned, one thing's for sure, if it's an older model Nissan you most certainly can call it pre-loved. In truth, it's likely the owner of that very vehicle has simply upgraded to the newer Nissan model. Yes, brand loyalty is usually a given once you've owned a Nissan, ask any owner. But it's not just because Nissan offers such a vast range of top quality products, it's also its reputation for building vehicles that last. And when you're contemplating buying a used Nissan, this would seal the deal.


Understandably, the Nissan brand has earned a thorough following considering that it first entered the united states nearly five decades ago according to the then Datsun badge. During this period South Africans saw the production of iconic cars for example the 1200 and later 1400 Datsun/Nissan bakkie, the Nissan Sunny as well as Nissan 350Z to name a few. Today various Nissan items are manufactured and assembled from the Japanese automaker's plant in Rosslyn, North of Pretoria. Uncover more about Bethlehem Nissan


Nissan provides an extensive product range vast enough to protect every demographic and since the brand has been around for so long, pre-owned products are readily available. Passenger cars vary from the mini Micra, Livina, Tiida and Qashqai with the speed hungry 370Z and GTR, while the X-Trail, Pathfinder, Navara, Murano and Patrol assist you to conquer the road less traveled. Commercial vehicles such as the NP200 and NP300 pick-ups and other commuters thus assist you to deal with business. So, whatever your needs or preferences, you're sure to find a used Nissan to match your requirements at any of the many countrywide dealerships such as Group1 Nissan. To find out more click here


Some might reason that buying new would be the only safe path to take, whereas others think that buying pre-owned offers you more bang for your buck. You will find obviously arguments to hold both. One myth we can bust, however, is that buying second hand means buying blind. Nissan's Valid Value programme, for instance, was built in order that used Nissan vehicles complied with stringent quality measures. To qualify as being a Valid Value Nissan, the vehicle would have to be only three years old, have only 100 000km around the odometer and have a full service history. Furthermore these vehicles then undergo a 101-point quality check along with a background check to make certain its legitimacy. Not only will this programme allow you to buy with complete peace of mind, but you'll get to own a car that's as good as new at a very attractive price. Since makes good financial sense, doesn't it? For more info please visit